Jak przygotować się do rozmowy rekrutacyjnej online?

In the face of the pandemic, huge changes have taken place in almost every walk of life. Thanks to the use of the latest technology and tools available to us, these changes can also be seen in HR. An interview with a recruiter for a specific position can now be easily done from home (or even from anywhere in the world). A visit to the company’s headquarters is no longer a necessity. Keep in mind that this is still a formal job interview and certain standards should be maintained. Some even argue that an online interview can be quite challenging, preventing you from presenting yourself as accurately as you would in a face-to-face meeting.

Is an online conversation a piece of cake?

This is a common misconception. Of course, favorable, familiar surroundings may allow you to feel more at ease, however, due to the reduction of external stimuli that accompany a classic stationary interview, this time the camera focuses only on you. Then, it is much easier for the recruiter to catch the issues that are distracting in a different situation, especially the interpersonal ones. 

Take care of the space around you

The room you are in during the interview should be separated from other parts of the home at some point in time, especially from household members and pets. This will help you avoid situations that will affect your concentration and stress. Also, make sure the camera is properly positioned, remember that you should be the center of the frame. Try to keep the space behind you tidy. Remove elements that may distract the recruiter’s attention. Also put a notepad and pen on the desk in front of you. It’s a good idea to have them handy to jot down key points, such as the salary range proposed by the potential employer or the date of your next meeting.

The right dress code matters online, too

A professionally chosen outfit is one of the key elements of a recruitment interview, also online. Adequate qualifications are not everything. Appearance and neatness are also important. The image in the computer camera will not hide stains on clothes or quality of material. The second issue is the whole. Although at an online interview you are only visible from the waist up, don’t forget about your lower garment such as pants or skirt. You never know when you’ll need to get up from your chair to fetch something, or close a blind that’s bringing harsh light into the room.

Technical issues and audiovisual equipment

Even before the interview begins, be sure to check that the camera and microphone on your computer are working properly. Ideally, you should do this twice - on the same day and half an hour before the meeting. Also, mute your phone so you won’t be disturbed and, most importantly, make sure your laptop is plugged in to a charger and plugged in to the outlet. Don’t forget your headphones - they’re ideal for comfort during an interview, should someone suddenly enter the room you’re in, or should the recruiter hear reverberations due to your computer’s settings.

Can you be prepared for everything that may come?

It would certainly be difficult to find a golden mean to make an online job interview go by the book. Random situations, such as a sudden power outage or Internet failure, can happen at any time. If this happens to you, be sure to inform your interviewer immediately. Then the interview can be rescheduled, and your candidacy will still appear on the recruitment list for the position. 

During the interview, remember to answer the recruiter’s questions concretely, be focused on the dialogue and present yourself the best possible. Remember that small talk during an online meeting is a perfect warm-up and a moment to break the first ice - so don’t be afraid of innocent anecdotes. Despite the prevailing limitations, such as lack of non-verbal communication, good preparation and appropriate self-presentation will surely be appreciated by your interlocutor. Despite appearances, recruitment meetings in this form is primarily a time-saver for both parties. According to forecasts, online recruitment is now firmly rooted in our culture and is likely to stay with us.

And how do you prepare for an online meeting?